Main characteristics
  • Superb yield potential
  • High output of great quality fiber
  • Particularly deep-rooted variety, making good use of the soil moisture
  • Medium late variety, 8-12 days earlier that Acala Sj2
  • Suberb tolerance in moisture deficiensy conditions
  • Highly responsive to irregular irrigation or water stress conditions
  • Fully utilizes soil moisture during the peak bloom period
  • Highly adaptable to various soil and climate conditions
  • High germination, ideal variety for early plantings
  • Exploits the use of growth regulators
  • New generation cotton variety, developed for high quality fiber
  • Excellent resistance to Verticillium wilt

Management tips

Begin post plant irrigation at first square > Continue with normal irrigation applications >  Apply growth regulators before pin head square > Continue with normal applications, depending on the cultivation development > Normal fertilization management > Depending on field condition, apply more phosphorus to boot earliness


Fibre characteristics

Gin Turnout
29-30 mm
29-30 gr/tex
2 από 6