Main characteristics
  • Very early cotton variety
  • High yield potential
  • Large bolls size and weight (5 - 6 g)
  • Fruiting close to the main stem
  • Very early and gradual blooming
  • Good standing, ideal variety for both early and late plantings
  • Hairy leaf
  • 4-5 nodes to first fruit
  • Superior storm resistance
  • Medium to tall plant high (80-120 cm)
  • Good resistance to Verticillium wilt (according to soil type and local conditions)
  • Good resistance to Empoasca

Crop management

Excellent narrow row variety

Start irrigation early before first square > Continue with normal irrigation during all blooming stage > Apply growth regulators after first square > Continue with normal applications, until late growth stages > Increase pre-planting nitrogen application > An extra fertilization before blooming stage is recommended > Early fruit set requires early insect management, especially for plant bugs control


Fibre characteristics

Gin Turnout
28-29 mm
29,5-31,5 gr/tex
4 από 6