Golden West is active in the fields of research and development, seed production and distribution of field crops seeds and vegetables seeds.

Golden West products are distributed in the Greater Mediterranean region, South Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Middle East, Balkans and recently to East Europe and former Soviet Union countries.


Field Crops Seeds

We develop breeding programs in early and late corn hybrids, cotton and alfalfa varieties, as well as a product development process insuring a continuous product flow.

The Cotton Breeding Program started in the early 90s’ in Greece targeting the Mediterranean region. Main breeding directions are high yield, superior fiber quality and early maturity. Golden West has successfully managed to combine all three characteristics in its new generation of Golden Fiber varieties.

The Corn Breeding Program started in the late 90s’ in US. Till 2005 the program was shifted from US into the region and Bulgaria became the hub of the research activities for early corn hybrids. Over 12.000 new hybrids annually included for evaluation in the trial network. In total over 150.000 yield test plots evaluated annually in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Turkey and an expanding group of countries. Main breeding directions are high yield and stress tolerance.

The Alfalfa Breeding Program started shortly after corn, targeting the Greater Mediterranean region and concerns non dormant varieties of high yielding ability and superior nutrition value. Lately Golden West develops also new dormant varieties.

Golden West is developing seed production around the world in an expanding list of countries that includes USA, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and others.


Vegetables Seeds

We are developing R&D programs in cooperation with Research Institutes and Private companies and perform trial projects in order to evaluate new varieties and choose the best of them to be adapted to the specific conditions of our markets.

Golden West also, establishes seed production programs in many countries for the production of high quality standards of vegetables seeds.



We envision Golden West to expand its activities and become a significant player in the agricultural sector in our regional markets and be able to influence the agricultural technology and business of the mentioned markets.

In Golden West we recognize the responsibility that comes along with our regional expansion. All of our activities are characterized by the highest standards of environmental, social and business activity.

We remain committed to our vision to offer added-value in the whole agricultural chain and we invest steadily towards this direction.


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