FAO: 270 Rows: 16
  • Days to maturity 110-115
  • The height of plants is 210-220 cm and the cob is formed at a height of 110-120 cm
  • The cob has a length 22-23 cm, about 16 rows and red stem
  • Yellow color grain, dent type
  • Plants with well-developed root system
  • High resistance to lodging
  • Differ by the extremely fast dry down
  • Hybrid with a good stay green
  • Hybrid with a good seed set
  • Excellent tolerance to dry conditions
  • Resistance to the basic diseases of corn
  • Appropriate for silage and grain production in all zones of Ukraine
  • In non-irrigated conditions the density of population should be 63.000–65.000 plants/ha.
  • In irrigated conditions the plants population should be 80.000-90.000 plants/ha.